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2023 Hoyt VTM 34 Compound Hunting Bow- In Store Only

by Hoyt
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Continuing to push the boundaries of archery innovation, Hoyt’s newest aluminum hunting bow, the VTM 34 takes everything you loved about the Ventum and improves upon it. Featuring Hoyt’s picatinny rail sight mount, this feature keeps the weight inline with the riser of the bow for a more stable shot cycle. The HBX Pro Cams are not only easy to tune and allow quick adjustment for draw length, they provide an ultra-smooth draw and shot cycle. The longer ATA length of the VTM 34 is more forgiving, while remaining lightweight at only 4.8 pounds.

  • Picatinny Rail Sight mounting location: Moves the weight to the front of the bow for better balance
  • Lower Stabilizer location: With the accessories all In-Line the bow balances better when accessorized and our lower stabilizer location does a better job of stabilizing the bow
  • SL Side Bar Mount: If you like to use a sidebar, the SL Sidebar mount is 2 to 3 oz lighter than other sidebar brackets. And with the In-Line system, since the bow balances better, you don’t need as long or heavy of a sidebar to get the same effect so you once again save overall weight from your complete set up.
  • Integrate Drop Cord Slot: A slot machined into the TEC bar so that the Drop Away Cord on the Integrate rest has a direct path to the cable.
  • Garmin Xero Trigger Wire Slot: There is a slot machined on the front of the riser for the trigger wire when using the Garmin Xero sight.
  • Vital Point Grip: Hoyt’s most popular grip to date comes standard on the VTM.
  • HBX Pro Cams: The same cams that made the Ventum Pro and RX-7 so smooth are the engine for the VTM series as well. This cam is a game changer, making this bow draw smooth, shoot smooth and quiet, and easy to tune and adjust draw length.

  • Axle-to-axle: 34
  • Brace height: 6.25”
  • Let-off: 80 or 85%
  • IBO Speed: 334 fps
  • Mass weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Draw length: 26-31”
  • Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, & 80 lbs
  • Cam: HBX Pro
  • Dexterity: RH/LH
  • Finishes: Elevated II, Kuiu Verde, Origin Raptor, Realtree Edge, Subalpine

Note: Solid color options are also available (Black, Bourbon, Buckskin, and Wilderness)

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