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Bohning Black Blazer Vanes 100pk

by Bohning
Price $ 22.99

This is the vane that, hands down, out-performed them all! The Blazer Vane, with its unique design, begins steering and correcting immediately - making believers out of bowhunters and target shooters alike all over the world. The combination of the steep leading edge angle and material stiffness enables the air to flow over the vane in a manner that actually creates lift. This leaves the tip of each vane inside undisturbed air, similar to the drafting principle used in auto racing. This airflow created by the precise leading edge angle allows the tip of each vane to act like a rudder, which is noticeable at longer distances with the flatter trajectory Blazer Vanes provide. Bohning recommends fletching the Blazer vanes helically for perfect results. Blazer vanes are designed to be used with both fixed and mechanical broadheads, yet also outperform with field points for target shooting. Bohning has optimized the steerage capabilities and overall performance with tighter tolerances, making the Blazer the lightest, high performance broadhead vane ever produced. They work great for cross bow bolts too!!

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