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AAE Pro Drop Limb Activated Fall-Away Arrow Rest

by AAE
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• Features a reverse-spring launcher arm that is designed to support the arrow for most of the cycle.

• Zero-stretch stainless-steel launcher cord attaches to the top or bottom limb of the bow, not the
buss cable. When the arrow is drawn, the launcher comes up. Upon release, the arm stays up for
most of the cycling but then drops instantly once the bow’s limb springs upward. The result is no
cable torque, no cam synchronization issues, no variance in let-off, and no tuning hassle, just perfect
fletching clearance and accuracy on every shot.

• Flexible-steel Whale Tail launcher blade cushions the arrow at take-off for even greater accuracy.
The blade is spring steel uniquely covered with urethane for ultra-quiet use in the field. The launcher
axle rides on ball bearings for smoothness.

• For easy tuning, it’s micro adjustable vertically and horizontally.

• Available in a Universal, Hoyt Tec, or Mathews mount.

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