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Easton T64 Tapered Arrow Shaft

by Easton
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  • Arrow penetration is vital when it comes to successful big game hunting
  • Proven FMJ technology is combined with a rear bias taper that creates a reduced friction path for lethal results in the field
  • Shaft profile starts at the front with a 6mm diameter that tapers seamlessly down to a micro diameter 4mm at the nock end
  • This design builds in 30% more F.O.C. without adding point weight, for best in class long-range accuracy


  • 2 different deflection factors that will cover all spines from 400 to 300
  • Deflection factor 7.9 (310 spine)
  • Deflection factor 9.5 (375 spine)
  • Cutting from the front end of the shaft will weaken the spine, (max cut line is laser etched on front of shaft)
  • Cutting from the nock end of the shaft will stiffen the spine (no cut limit from back)
  • RPS insert with standard 8-32 point and broadhead compatibility
  • Utilizes .166" nocks
  • Will accept a .166" lighted nock

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