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Toxic 3 Blade Broadhead - 100gr. 3-Pack

by Flying Arrow
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Flying Arrow Archery has developed the unprecedented, uniquely designed, most innovative broadhead to ever be launched from an arrow rest. The ÒToxicÓ was given its name, for its lethal and deadly design, delivering deeper bone crushing penetration and silent flight, that even the most wary of game animals will never hear it coming. The Toxic broadhead was designed to eliminate plaining, unlike most conventional fixed blade broadheads on the market. The use of a helical or hard offset vain is no longer needed, allowing the Toxic to deliver precision arrow flight and quiet accuracy and deeper penetration. With itÕs unique patent-pending blade system, the Toxic provides a massive wound channel creating what we describe as ÒMeat WormsÓ delivering phenomenal blood trails. It leaves a wound channel described by a surgeon as a ÒRadical Core DecompressionÓ woundÑthe most lethal of wounds. Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadhead Features: Massive bone crushing chisel tip Toxic & Cyclone 100 Grain Blades are Interchangeable Meatworm Technology RCD ( Radical Core Decompression Technology)Just Under 5_ of cutting surface Chisel tip Surgical Sharp Razor sharp. Whisper quiet. No moving parts, no set screws, no rubber bands, and no clips.

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