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Rocky Mountain Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube (Subalpine)

by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls
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  • Designed to work with a diaphragm mouth call to produce locator and challenger bugles

  • Utilizes the V.E.T.T. calling system to help create better back pressure which aids in changing notes

  • Rubber coated end reduces unnatural vibrations

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Total length of 20”

  • Camouflage cover for concealment

  • Comes with a lanyard for easy carrying over your shoulder

  • Warranty - Manufacturer Defects for the life of the product

The Wapiti Whacker will create all the sounds, even the high pitch screaming challenge, location, and display calls of a bull elk. With all of these innovative ideas all wrapped up in one unit, you can now expect the accuracy, realism, and ease of use in this Bugle Tube. The most realistic sounding elk grunt tube ever! 
The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions, that is located in the front section of the call. The spring helps create more volume, stabilizes the higher notes, maintains higher pitches, and takes less air pressure to operate while blowing into it.

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